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Web interface for health professionals

We are developing a tailored web solution adapted to your needs in order to assist your patients in their daily medication intake. You can quickly identify potential problems and implement solutions.

P-heal also offers to professionals the opportunity to develop their custom interfaces through the provision of APIs.

The effective follow-up

Our smart pillbox allows you to control in real time the taking of medication of your patients. The mobile app sends alerts to selected external persons (relatives or healthcare professionals).

It is connected to the cloud and an iOS and Android compatible mobile app.

The mobile app can be shared between users as well as with helping members (friends, family, liaison nurses, ...). This sharing facilitates the assistance with the configuration of the app (setting intakes and alerts, consulting the history ...).


The smart pillbox is equipped with sensors of weight and vibrations which allow him to objectify if there was, or not, medication intake and at what time.

It is connected to a wireless network (Wifi) and has a Lithium battery in case of power failure.


No need to remove pills from their packaging. Thus, they remain in a sterile environment.

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Since 2015, we are experts in therapeutic compliance. If you have any questions about this or would like to know more about the connected pillbox, write to us. We will be happy to answer you.

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