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How many medication can I store?

The benefit of p-heal is to be able to remain your drugs in their original packaging. You can place up to 5 blister packs in your pillbox.

What do I need to install P-Heal?

P-heal requires WiFi access and a power outlet. You will also need a smartphone to configure your medication intake periods.

Can a family member or my doctor help me with p-heal?

P-heal can be associated with several smartphones, which allows your relatives to accompany you at all times.

Can P-heal handle several intakes a day?

P-heal allows you to schedule multiple intakes a day, at times you determine using your smartphone. You will then be able to consult the history to check the follow-up over time.

Is the effectiveness of a product such as p-heal demonstrated?

In Europe, more than half of those suffering from chronic diseases do not scrupulously respect their treatment. P-heal, thanks to its targeted reminders and its intakes history, allows a better medical follow-up and has arose the interest of many actors in health sector (pharma groups, pharmacists and hospitals).