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How many medication can I store?

The benefit of P-Heal is to be able to remain your drugs in their original packaging. You can place up to 5 blister packs in your pillbox.

Does the pillbox differentiate between two different medicines when it validates an intake?

When the user enters an intake period, the pillbox signals to the user via a light and sound reminder (optional) that it is time to take his medication.

In this case, the user removes one or more medication(s) from his / her pillbox. As soon as the pillbox finds a weight loss equivalent to a medication, it validates all the medications which have to be taken during the intake period concerned. The two main functions of the pillbox are thus achieved: a smart reminder and the automatic validation of the medication(s).

How does the orange light at the front of the P-Heal pillbox work?

The main function of the orange light is to warn the user to take his medication(s) at the pre-determined intakes periods. It lights up in steady orange during an intake period. When a movement of weight is found in the pillbox, the orange light will emit four slow breaths of two seconds each. If the intake is validated, the pillbox returns to a standby state and the orange light goes out, until the next intake period.

What do I need to install P-Heal?

P-Heal requires WiFi access and a power outlet. You will also need a smartphone to configure your medication intake periods.

Can a family member or my doctor help me with P-Heal?

P-Heal can be associated with several smartphones, which allows your relatives to accompany you at all times.

Can P-Heal handle several intakes a day?

P-Heal allows you to schedule multiple intakes a day, at times you determine using your smartphone. You will then be able to consult the history to check the follow-up over time.

Example: You must take your medicine to fight your allergies, Zyrtec, in the morning when you wake up. You usually get up at 7am. We suggest you create a period of 7am to 8am to remind you to take your medicine. If you take your medicine at 7:06, the smart pillbox would notice a loss of weight, turn off and automatically validate your medication in your app.

Is the effectiveness of a product such as P-Heal demonstrated?

In Europe, more than half of those suffering from chronic diseases do not scrupulously respect their treatment. P-Heal, thanks to its targeted reminders and its intakes history, allows a better medical follow-up and has arose the interest of many actors in health sector (pharma groups, pharmacists and hospitals).

Can I carry my P-Heal pillbox?

The pillbox P-Heal can be transported during, for instance, a trip abroad. In this case, you will need to connect your pillbox to the WiFi network of the destination again.

To be functional, the pillbox must remain in a fixed place (for example on a window sill in your kitchen) in order to be able to validate the intake of a medicine, through a movement of weight noticed by the device.

Should the pillbox P-Heal remain permanently connected to a power outlet?

The pillbox P-Heal must be permanently connected to a power outlet to be perfectly functional.

However, it has a small battery allowing it to stay functional for a few hours to warn you to reconnect the pillbox to a power outlet.

If I am not at home, how does the pillbox do to remind me to take my medicine(s)?

In the case where the user is traveling, the app will automatically send him/her a reminder via a notification on smartphone to take his/her medicine(s).

In this case, the user must validate his/her medication intake directly in the mobile app.

With which payment method can I place an order?

It is possible to buy or rent a pillbox P-Heal on this website with the following payment methods: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Apple Pay.

If you wish to place a specific order, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or via the contact form of this website.