P-Heal, the smart pillbox that helps you never forget your treatment again.


You have 90 days to test the device!


P-Heal, the smart pillbox that facilitates therapeutic compliance

In Europe, 50% of the drugs prescribed are not properly consumed by the patients concerned.

P-Heal is a smart connected pillbox that helps you find the daily steps to follow your treatment and protect your health and that of your family and friends.


Discover p-heal, the new assistant that helps you to keep control over your health.


Fabienne Parmentier, pharmacist in Liege (BE)

“P-heal is a reliable assistant for all my patients suffering from a chronic disease. Here is a concrete solution to achieve health goals.”


Jean-Michel Hubin,

p-heal user

“I am often in a hurry in the morning to remind to take my treatment. P-heal is a simple and didactic way to improve my medication compliance and therefore my health.”


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Since 2015, we are experts in therapeutic compliance. If you have any questions or would like to know more about p-heal, do not hesitate to send us a message. We will be glad to answer you !

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